Build Your Website right the first time.

start right
start small.

READY TO setup your website and business emails the right way but really don’t know where to start?

DO YOU NOT have thousands of dollars to hire a website developer at the moment? 


WOULD YOU BE WILLING to do some of the work yourself?


YOU WANT TO have a professional website but need to SAVE MONEY.


YOU WANT TO AVOID MAKING A HUGE MISTAKE early on as you know it will cost you in the future.


Then this program is for you. This option helps you get started – the right way – for a fraction of the price. Follow my 5 steps that I will give you through this program and you will have a website. You will be left with a website – in which you will have to edit all the content and the images – but I help you get started. You will have two professional email accounts (not a @gmail but a @YourCompanyName) and much more.

Professional Website & Email Setup Services!


  1.  Setup with Domain and Hosting and 2 Company Emails ($100 value)*
  2. A top-notch & versatile WordPress Theme Installed ($250 value)
  3. Setup with Homepage, Services, About, Contact Form pages – templates for client to fill out for themselves. You get the framework. From there, you are responsible for editing the images and content yourself. This saves you money. ($500 value)
  4. A Coming Soon Page is a 1-page site with your contact information while you’re finishing your website, have a page to greet people. ($150)
  5. Links to Tutorials to help you fill in the content & launch your professional website. (Priceless)

A $1000+ VALUE FOR $700!

When you pay all at once $700

2 payments – 2 weeks Apart ($800)

*Please note you take full responsibility for your actions done on this website. Due to the nature of this service, this is purely for inspirational and motivational purposes to help you get a website. However, we are not completing a website for you and can not be held responsible for your website or email services or anything related. Failure to follow the recommended steps given to you on this website and/or through consultancy sessions is solely your responsibility. We are not responsible for designing or completing your website. You are responsible for your website. You are also responsible for purchasing your domains and websites, we will get it setup but you are responsible for purchasing. All sales are final. No returns, refunds or exchanges. You may upgrade this offer at any time. If you have questions before making a purchase, please contact

When you pay all at once $700

2 payments – 2 weeks Apart ($800)

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